There are a lot of messaging pros in Washington, DC who know little about design. In the same politico sphere, there are a lot of trained art school designers with no concept of a good message or how to craft a talking point. 

I design and I message. 

This idea of marrying the importance of visuals and traditional communications is what birthed Visualsey. A company that focuses on strong + quality visuals by a designer who understands messaging in the digital landscape. 

I've worked in traditional publicity at a publishing company, a media firm in the heat of a presidential election, a think tank with 40 years of research that existed only in white papers, and a multimedia news site startup. All of which equipped me with the knowledge of how marketing, efficiency, an understanding of policy, and new media can achieve success.

My personal portfolio, writing samples, etc. all live here. 

Imagine how visuals could empower your brand if the designer fully understood your goal.

That's my goal with Visualsey. I want to fully understand your goal. It might be to influence congress, or drive traffic to a site --  or it might just be to inspire with quotes. Whatever your needs, whatever your intention, I will work with you to create something special. 

I value efficiency.  

The digital world never sleeps -- and neither should your visual presence. I'm not going to take four weeks to make you an infographic. We'll workout a timeline that fits your needs and my schedule, without sacrificing the value of strategic timing.

A few disclosed clients: 

America's Promise
Alliance Defending Freedom
Bakeovers Bakery
The Daily Signal
The Heritage Foundation
Governor Scott Walker
Heritage Action for America
National Review Online
Philos Project
Testing the Waters
Wilbur21st Century Wilberforce Initiative
Undisclosed Republican Presidential Candidate
Zengo Cycle

Let's get started.